Welcome to my corner of Suburbia on the web. I’m Valerie, your hostess while here. I live in the third largest city in California, San Jose that, thanks to some interesting urban development, feels like the largest suburban tract ever. But we are blessed to be at the epicenter of the amazing food and culture of the greater San Francisco Bay Area and I would not have it any other way.

I grew up eating here in the Bay Area and after some dithering I returned to food as a profession. I’ve done some line work, some pastry work, a bit of catering and a whole lot of grunt labor in various kitchens. I went back to school to focus on food writing–and promptly had a baby. Then two more. So I’m finding my way back to writing while my little family grows.

I jumped into the blogging fray as a way to chronicle my food adventures; more than another place to post pictures and recipes (although there will be plenty of those) but a place to think about food and family in general. I am trying to live a balanced whole food life: eating close to the source, eating unprocessed, growing my own, but also knowing that there is a wealth of food that should be tasted and enjoyed beyond those constraints as well. I really can’t toss the Goldfish crackers just yet. I’m trying to bake my cake and eat yours too. I hope I can gain insights and share them–or get help from those talented folks who have walked this path ahead of me.

So come on in and have bite. Let’s see where this takes us together.

Contact: valerie (dot) terry (at) gmail (dot) com